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FCM Qualifying Examination

Biomathematics, Financial Mathematics and Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University

The Foundations of Computational Mathematics Qualifying Examination cover material related to topics from the lists below. While the lists are organized by topics taught in or relevant to the Foundations of Computational Mathematics I and II courses, the FCM Qualifying Examination is neither organized nor graded as two independent course-specific sections. Questions may mix material from the lists.

For Biomathematics students taking semester course-based FCM I and FCM II Qualifying Examinations the questions are related to topics in the list for the relevant class.

The examination is closed-book, i.e., no reference books or notes are allowed. A simple graphing calculator is permitted. Electronic devices with network connectivity or sufficient storage capacity to contain notes or other reference material are not permitted. The FCM Qualifying Examination is usually 4 hours in duration and a semester-based qualifying examination for Biomathematics students is approximately 2 hours in duration. The time allowed will be specified at the examinations.

In addition to consulting the topic lists and references, students are encouraged to discuss the FCM Qualifying Examination topics with recent instructors of the core FCM courses and the ACM Director.