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2021-22 Mathematics Colloquium

Time and Place: Fridays 3:05-3:55 pm in Room 101, Love Building or Zoom

Zoom link for virtual talks (password can be provided upon request to any faculty).

For details, click on the name of the speaker. ( * indicates special day, time, or place.)

Click here for the schedule of previous editions of the FSU Math Colloquium.

Fall 2021

Date Speaker (Virtual/In person, Host) Affiliation
09/17/2021 Rama Cont (Virtual, Ekren) University of Oxford
09/24/2021 Adrian Nachman (Virtual, Bauer) University of Toronto
10/01/2021 David Murrugarra (Virtual, Karamched) University of Kentucky
10/08/2021 Archana Venkataraman (Virtual, Needham) Johns Hopkins University
10/15/2021 Jürgen Jost (Virtual, Bauer) Max Planck Institute
10/29/2021 Jin Ma (Virtual, Ekren) University of Southern California
11/05/2021 Mark van Hoeij (In person and virtual, Brennan Lecture) FSU
11/12/2021 Elbridge Gerry Puckett (Virtual, Sussman) UC Davis
11/19/2021 Ziad Musslimani (In person and virtual, Hunter Lecture) FSU
11/29/2021 Andrea Tamburelli (In person and virtual, Fenley) Rice University
12/03/2021 Rachel Skipper (In person and virtual, Bowers) Ohio State University
12/08/2021 Marissa Loving (In person and virtual, Ballas) Georgia Tech

Spring 2022

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
01/10/2022 Youngmin Park (Zoom, Needham) University of Manitoba
01/14/2022 Sabrina Streipert (Zoom, Cogan) McMaster University
01/19/2022 Hayriye Gulbudak (Zoom, Bertram) University of Louisiana at Lafayette
01/21/2022 Yeonjong Shin (Zoom, Lee) Brown University
01/24/2022 Yuhua Zhu (Zoom, Bauer) Stanford University
01/26/2022 Nick Miller (Zoom, Ballas) UC Berkeley
01/28/2022 Yanzhi Zhang (Zoom, Musslimani) Missouri University of Science and Technology
01/31/2022 Malbor Asllani (Zoom, Bertram) University College Dublin
02/04/2022 Farzana Nasrin (Zoom, Okten) University of Hawaii
02/17/2022 Bryce Morsky (Cogan, Zoom) University of Pennsylvania
02/28/2022 Wojciech Ozanski (Bauer, Zoom) University of Southern California
03/04/2022 Thang Nguyen (Ballas, Zoom) University of Michigan
03/07/2022 Matt Haulmark (Ballas, Zoom) Binghamton University
03/25/2022 Niles Johnson (In person, Aldrovandi) Ohio State
04/01/2022 Graduate Student Flash Talks (Grad. Student Council) FSU
04/08/2022 Richard Bertram (Tam Colloquium) FSU
04/15/2022 Math Honors Day (Hurdal) FSU

Guidelines for Speakers in the FSU Math Colloquium