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2008-09 Mathematics Colloquium


Place and Time: Room 101, Love Building, 3:35-4:30 pm.

Refreshments will be served at 3:00 pm in room 204 Love.

(For an abstract and more details, click on the name of the speaker.)

Fall 2008

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
08/29/08 Ziyad Muslimani Florida State University
09/19/08 Natalia Toporikova (Bertram) McGill University
09/26/08 Stan Uryasev (Kercheval) University of Florida
10/10/08 James Moorer (Quine) Adobe Systems, Inc.
10/24/08 Stefano Vidussi (Aldrovandi/Hironaka) University of California at Riverside
10/31/08 Saleet Jafri (Bertram) George Mason University
11/07/08 Daniel Joseph (Hussaini) University of California at Irvine
11/14/08 Homecoming
11/21/08 Hemant Tagare (Mio) Yale University
11/28/08 Thanksgiving

Spring 2009

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
01/09/09 Peter Buser (Seppala) Swiss Federal institute of Technology
01/16/09 Jong-Guk Bak (Oberlin) Postech, Korea
01/30/09 Courtney Brown (Mesterton-Gibbons) Emory University
02/13/09 Zhaohua Wu (X. Wang) Florida State University
02/27/09 Jay Webb
(Financial Mathematics Festival)
Centaurus Energy Advisors
03/06/09 Jichun Li (Hussaini) IPAM and University of Nevada
03/13/09 Spring Break
03/20/09 Howard Levine (Cogan) Iowa State University
04/10/09 Bob Guy (Cogan) UC Davis
04/17/09 Gunnar Carlsson
(2009 FSU Mathematics Lecture)
Stanford University
04/24/09 Mathematics Honors Day


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